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Landscape Maintenance

Landscape Maintenance

Residential Landscape Maintenance From Schendel Lawn And Landscape

Does the thought of taking care of your lawn seem overwhelming at times?  With potentially hundreds of different plant species making up your landscape, it's a feat in itself identifying each one let alone knowing how to take care of them.  "When do I prune my hydrangeas, is it before flowering or after flowering, and do they flower on the new growth or old?  Hey what are those tiny, football shaped bags hanging off of my evergreens, and the webs I am seeing in all our mimosa trees?  I want to give all of my front yard shrubs a good trimming, but where do I start?  I only have this dull pair of scissors!  I have got to get the beds mulched before Julie's graduation party but if my calculations are right, I need 230 bags of mulch to get the job done, that equates to 25 trips to the box store in my s.u.v., I know what I will be doing the next 8 weekends!"  Can you relate to this?  Odds are, your landscape has given you much enjoyment through the years but taking care of it hasn't been so enjoyable.

The reality is, whether you have a new landscape or a mature landscape, plants grow, as well as weeds and environments change.  This dynamic offers the need for landscape maintenance, a protection of your landscape investment.  Give Schendel Lawn And Landscape a call today and start enjoying your landscape and instead of dreading it!


Maintaining Your Commercial Landscaping In Topeka And Surrounding Areas

If you have a large commercial business with hundreds of employees/tenants and sprawling acreage or a small business with three employees and a tiny store front, give Schendel Lawn And Landscape a call.  Let us take care of the outside work so you can keep your thoughts focused on the work going on inside.  Add value to and protect your property with our landscape maintenance program.  We specialize in all things related to lawn and landscape maintenance and with our partnership with Schendel Pest Services; we have the unique ability to offer promotional discounts to commercial establishments that use both Schendel Lawn And Landscape and Schendel Pest Services.  Check out some of our commercial properties we currently maintain:

Newcomer Group Sign Penwell-Gabe Funeral Home And Cemetary sign Commercial landscape design by Schendel Commercial landscaping by Schendel

Our Lawn And Landscape Maintenance Services

We offer a full range of lawn and landscape maintenance services including:

  • Leaf Cleanup

  • Weed/Debris Removal

  • Annual Color Plantings

  • Lawn Mowing

  • WeedZERO Complete Lawn Care Services

  • Tree & Shrub Pruning

  • Snow Removal & Sand/Salt Applications

  • Parking Lot Weed Spraying/Removal

  • Mulching

  • Irrigation Repair & Seasonal Maintenance

  • Supplemental Watering

At Schendel Lawn And Landscape "continual improvement" is the theme of our maintenance program, not only do we maintain your lawn and landscape; we are always striving for ways to improve it.  Our highly qualified staff treats each residence or commercial property as if it were their own, realizing that our company name is reflected upon the work they produce.  We structure each maintenance program based on the needs, expectations and budget of each individual or entity.  Speaking of budget, our partnership with Schendel Pest Services has given us the unique ability to give big promotional discounts to customers who combine any of our lawn and landscape services with Schendel Pest Services' interior and exterior pest control services.  With that, we are truly "making your life easier and your property more valuable."  Servicing Topeka, Lawrence, and Tecumseh as well as surrounding areas, contact us today and start saving money with Schendel Lawn And Landscape.